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    FAQ (Answers to Frequently Asked Questions)

1)Iwhat training formats are available? 
You can choose between two fundamentally different training formats - in a group or individually. The class lasts 60 minutes. Group classes are organized online using the Google Meet platform, individual classes are held online or in a classroom at the address of the city of Sumy, str. Cooperative 9A. 

2) What age groups of students do you work with? 
We have middle school groups (grades 7-9), high school (preparation for international exams and external examinations) and adult groups. The main thing is not age, but the desire to learn, and if you already have knowledge of a certain level, we will help you confirm this level of knowledge and, based on the results of the inspection, select the appropriate group. 

3) Tell us more about the group format of classes. 
The group consists of 2-8 people, this number allows you to pay attention to each member of the group and make the classes as communicative as possible. Classes are held two or three times a week in the afternoon, the schedule depends on the chosen language level. It is worth noting that this language learning format (group lessons two or three times a week) is not intensive, that is, you will be comfortable learning the language, but the process will be longer. The group format is optimal if you have more than 4-5 months to gradually master the chosen level of English/German. 


4) Tell us more about the individual format of classes. 
This format is especially suitable in cases where you need the teacher's maximum attention, you are preparing to take an international exam to confirm your language level soon, or you need to discuss selected topics or simulate specific conversational situations (business meeting with partners/ professional interview/ speech at a conference, etc.) . Also, individual lessons will help you learn a foreign language relatively quickly if you are already abroad and you need language skills "here and now". The schedule for individual classes can be as flexible as possible (the first or second half of the day of the working week, if necessary - Sunday). 

5) What working materials do you use? 
Only modern and those that are useful in everyday communication. As a rule, these are comprehensive courses from Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Hueber Verlag, Cornelsen, as well as specially selected video content. In our classes, we work with all types of language activities - listening, reading, grammar practice, writing, but the priority can be considered the practice of oral speech, as it is the most difficult but at the same time the most demanded in the modern world. 

6) I studied English/German before, what should I continue with? 
Before starting the course, we offer each of our students to complete a free knowledge level assessment test. This step helps us clearly understand where to continue learning a foreign language in each individual case. 
7) Does your language center prepare for international exams? 
Yes, our program is built in such a way to meet the international criteria for assessing English/German language skills. After completing the course of the appropriate language level, our students take comprehensive exams based on the models of the world-famous Cambridge Examinations/ IELTS/ Goethe-Institut exams - and as a result, they can take this exam in Ukraine or abroad, in any country, in order to obtain an international certificate world. 

8) How can I find out more detailed information about the study conditions? 
At any time convenient for you, you can call us or send a message (Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp) by phone. +380504064015 or +380666074171. If it is more convenient for you to send an online request - use itform on this website and after receiving the request, we will call you ourselves. 


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